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Lynn September 29, at PM. I broke it off with him because we started arguing everyday. Oh My Goodness! I am a Haitian woman myself, and 6 years go decided to stop dating Haitian men. Mzblkcarib May 12, at PM. I am strong and independed, at the same I trusted him until I relized she cheated on me while I was pregnant. On the other hand, when you have this 1 simple secret


In honor of Haitian flag day May 18 I wanted to share a list of pros and cons of dating a Haitian man. Disclaimer: this list is not to bash Haitian men, I love Haitian men and hope to marry one in the future. Also men from all nations have pros and cons of dating them. For this list I did a survey with fellow Haitian women and these are based on their own personal experiences with Haitian men. I hope you enjoy this list. Love this post, your getting better ad better!!! Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content.


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Learn More. Apr 2, Americanized Haitian men are better than the fresh ones Thanks x 2. The men that haven't been in America long are kind of too aggressive and annoying to me. There was this one guy who like fell in love with me. Haitia would walk me to school, he was talking about marriage and if he could buy me things.

I avoided him all school year til he graduated then he saw me on the bus a few months ago and he got off datijg the same bus stop as me and followed me to my job. I had to hide in the back for a hour til he left :. I didn't really have a good experience with the haitian guy i dated, but it was here because s was datinv as fuck. He was super religious but a sexual deviant. Great in bed, he turned me out.

A misogynist, didnt support my dreams, always discouraged me from finishing school. Hated white men but loved white women. He taught me a lot about being a lady. He held me to high moral standards that he didn't hold himself to: no smoking, drinking, cussing, had to dress very homely, no makeup, etc. Thanks x 1. Never dated one.

Im a haitian girl and it's true that we are spoiled by our dads. I don't really like haitian guys island guys in general Haitian girls are often sexy. Thanks x 1 LOL! I hate to say this but, Haitian men are so damn persistent!!!!

Haitains are annoying as fuck. I don't like them. Apr 3, Ive had a few Haitian girlfriends, and I dated a couple of them, as well. I was only semi serious with one, tho. Besides the voodoo, I dont see them being much different than any other group of people. The men can be possessive, but i guess those are simply the wrong guys. I know quite a few good Haitian people, tho. My girlfriend and I were just saying we need to plan a trip to Miami because we're missing our Haitians, lol.

I like Haitians. May 29, My ex in college was Haitian. He treated me well, bought me gifts and flowers every week and took me out. Once he forgot his wallet at dinner and I happily picked up the check for the first time. By the next week, he had sent me all my money back in a card saying how much he appreciated that I trusted him im dating a haitian man to do that. As for the sex, I have no complaints about that, either.

Thanks x 1 Hugs! May 30, Jun 2, All of the black classmates except for myself and a guy in class are Haitian. They are all nice too me and seem to be about their business. Another guy I know is Haitian and is an attorney and is fine as sht. Like make you stutter your own name when he come around fine Jan 21, We the best. Jan 23, The most recent one was super religious before our first date, but pulled out all the freaky questions and convo's baitian we got to dinner.

I was like wth. My ex is Haitian, is a bonafide mama's boy, a pushover but I'm pretty haitia he was cheating on me no proof though. I love Haitian people tho and have a lot of Haitian friends. It was Maxwell. It bothers me that Hatians get a bad wrap. Very bizarre. Two datibg my good im dating a haitian man, who I met through business, are Hatian.

These friends are incredibly intelligent, loyal, and just cool. I dated this one sexy Hatian dude Thanks x 2 WTF! Feb 15, I am married to one. He is wonderful. Apr 24, That's so weird that some of you have never met a Haitian. I thought im dating a haitian man were everywhere. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. See more This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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