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But, how does one use these short minutes to find out what they need from a person they might want to date? What would be your ideal job? First thing to do is not worry, you are not the only one! Who is your 3am friend? Is there something you want to change about yourself? This is always an exciting question to ask. Whom do you want to be trapped with in a hotel? Would you choose to fight a shark or wrestle a lion? Why is it there?


Speed dating is a great way to get to know a lot of potential partners or dates in a short amount of time. Asking witty, straightforward questions can help you get to know your date's personality quickly so you can decide if you're interested in getting to know them better. Asking a few questions about your date's childhood can help you better understand how they grew up. Start by asking:. Asking flirty questions shows your date that you're interested in them as more than just a friend. You can try asking:. Asking lighthearted questions can give you a sense of your date's humor. Give these a try:. Getting to know someone's habits can give you an idea if you two would get along in the day to day grind. Try asking:. Learning the ins and outs of your date is a great way to get to know their personality.


Welcome to our list of speed date questionsincluding some examples of questions you should definitely avoid. Look through your options, and choose the questions that interest you most. And be ready to answer them yourself. To make it easier to find those that interest speed dating questions fun most, these speed dating starter questions are divided into groups, based on different situations and approaches. Tell me about one thing on your bucket list. Why is it there?

What are you passionate aboutand how do you express that passion? What check this out you do for workand do you enjoy it? Would you like to change it? Humor can make the speed dating experience more fun for both of you, but you also want to learn as much about each other and how your minds work as possible. Do you ever get drunk and start monologuing in the bathroom? This list would not be complete without some examples of the kinds of questions best left unasked.

Ever been asked one of these? Are there any family health issues you could pass on to your children? This is, after all, the point of speed-dating: to have more fun meeting new people.

So, make time for some fun, lighthearted questions. Describe it to me from beginning to end. Would you rather perform on a Broadway stage or win an Olympic gold medal? Are you prepared with your top speed dating questions? Thoughtful preparation goes a long way. Not everyone will want speed dating questions fun ask soul-deep questions on your first encounter. But some will, in the interest of learning the same about you.

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