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Based on the psychology of falling in love. A lighthearted back-and-forth keeps a relationship passionate and fiery. Fix your hygiene, look good and don't hide your intentions. Share on facebook. Remember, being nice to someone mean won't make them like you. Above all, be a man. At all costs, avoid being boring, monotonous, or coming off very routine oriented. So, men have to lead. In order to be a bad boy, be honest about your intentions.


Nice guys are great. In fact, they're really great. But women don't want to date just a nice guy. They want to date a man with an edge. Here are eight ways to be a little bit of a bad boy. Be Opinionated Women love a man who is opinionated. Want to be extra attractive to women? Then have a decisive opinion on everything - from where you like to dine to what you do on a Saturday afternoon. Knowing what you want and what you like is appealing. Be decisive. Be a MAN Notice the capital letters above?


I am pretty sure that you have seen at least one case where the nice guy got dumped in favor of the bad boy. Why does that nice, loving, helpful and caring guy always lose to the bad boy dating tips uncaring jerk?

Its because women were designed in such a way to fall for those who are less needy, continue reading stronger and more confident.

The good news i have for you is that there are few quick things that you can do to become more like a bad boy. Just like you may have already guessed treating everyone that way will let you make fewer friends. In a previous article about friendship psychology i said that a person becomes friends with the ones he feels comfortable around the most. Now because acting like a bad boy will make you more intimidating to people you will end up making less friends.

The best thing you can do is to learn how to become a bad boy for a short period of time so that bad boy dating tips make sure you can activate the bad boy mood whenever needed.

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