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matchmaking is rigged - change my mind : leagueoflegends

Or, you post in my new thread saying something constructive. There are few issues with some assumptions here. But since you have no data, no one is going to believe you. This theory is just too half-baked to work. And most people just want things to continue as normal with no big surprises. I suggest not to play League of Legends. Looking for a sex partner? You should definitely check Heroes of the Storm then. Now you played your hand and Riot will personally rig your games to make them not rigged.


Patch Clash LFG Megathread. Best esports games in history. Live Discussion Archive. Comment Faces. Client not working? It's like the meme, but with a twist - If the people want it, I'll record a shitload of stats from 20 games, which will be on my op. My claim in a little more detail - It's rigged, but not necessarily for or against any one player in the long run. I think MM gives players that are losing easier games and players that are winning harder games. And I don't mean that they're simply getting harder games because their elo is increasing, as that would imply that the level of play is simply increasing, which isn't really a harder game, just a more competitive game. I mean specifically that the enemies you face are scaling up in elo as you go on win streaks, but your teammates aren't. So the games become progressively more lopsided, or "rigged". Spoiler alert: I already recorded 20 games and analyzed stats a few months ago - after I finished the analysis the conclusion was obvious, and I was going to make a thread about it, but I lost interest because I thought everyone wouldn't believe me, and I had no interest in continuing with a game that punished me for doing well.


In January I wrote a post after long research how League of Legends is rigged. Why do I repost? OK, but how do I know if a player is a recent buyer in League of Legends without read article information just having a skin means nothing, it riggged be old?

There is a very good way to guess it: someone uses a new champion. You can still see my old stats on third party sites like op. Sure, they could win it or could be in their stables for ages, but most likely using a new champion means buying a more online dating sites do need champion.

My first test contained 27 games that I classified into four groups, based on the amount of new champion users — amount of average ones see definition below in the team:. Then I played games and classified the teammates into 4 groups:.

I tested this exploit mode in a very aggressive manner: queued in as support and picked Warwick, smite and went for second jungler. You see, the matchmaker selects players and lanes, but not consider, couple dating questions can. Anyway, see it for yourself! Pull up the stats of your teammates and watch how the zero-experience, new champion teammate predicts victory.

I suggest not to play League of Legends. Or at least demand them to make a clear, binding statement that the matchmaker does not get purchase nor asset ownership info as input, just MMR and preferred lanes.

Update: I made a reddit link for this post and it got shadowbanned fast. Black hookup detroit the word, link it, tweet legendw, contact journalists! We are talking about the league of legends matchmaking rigged biggest seller video game that poses as an e-sport, but actually just a rigged moneygrab.

But they are a business. Like Like. ST: ant it would be crazy for us to play the game where the outcome of the matches depends on spending.

Ladder is not the same as actual competitive game. It is not a gateway to competitive game continue reading is rarely lfague as any sort of screening for player quality, except in go here rudimentary of ways.

These players have their matches rigged, the outcome pre-determined, based on paying. Do you think they are not harmed by it? Would you play a game where the match is already decided on loading screen? Next month Riot will be handing out bonuses to the team that brilliantly leaked the Legende Patent as they count all the money from the players that bought new champions because of all the press.

Rugged them? Make them pay royalties? Gevlon Even accepting that some harm is done, your hyperbole would only be correct, provided: 1 The outcome was determined in that way in a significant potion of the matches. Both are wrong. You yourself found the strategy for 2. Being put in 1v1 on a lane against a stronger opponent is something any ladder-climber should learn to deal with at one point or another.

This is also the only real way to gain the requisite twitch skills outside of professional esports training regimen. Gevlon 1. This sounds a bit high to me. What data are you deriving this from? Is it available publicly?

This is a relatively high level counter, involving team composition. That kind of stuff needs to be looked up on 3rd party sites as a general rule, there is nothing wrong about this. Maxim: matchmakign came from my own analysis, look at the charts, the scale is teammates, which is proportional to game sizes.

I had 55 easy wins 60 exploit mode games and 92 fair games. Two players, both pick the same champion, both have the same MMR and visible rating like Silver 1. One of them never played this champ, he signals a win, one of legenes had 20 wins 19 losses with that champ, he signals a loss.

Maybe I was unprecise in my lexgue comment, but Gevlon did answer it correctly. I was pointing out that p2w is not harmful if it is clearly transparent. What should not be tolerated is an obscure mechanism that puts the majority of players in situations where they suffer from unfair advantages, only to make payer feel unstoppable… If a f2p player is served as cannon fodder, he should be told so!

Ofc it is also their parents fault to let them legehds a mobile or pc account with the possibility to spend money as a minor…. Is something league of legends matchmaking rigged You should definitely check Heroes of the Storm then.

The matchmaking is laughably bad, 2 healers 3 assasins games vs 4 pushing specialsits ect. Yasuo, Riven, Lee Sin, etc. You could just play one of your own. GG A third party website to begin with. In the the games with Newbie Teams with Bad Players, you immediately state that this is probably because some new players might just being playing a champion they already own or that the Bad players are players trying a different champion rifged usual.

SeriousZ: I did update op. You wrote awful lot dev or GM on duty? However that would mean defeat instead of win. The ONLY reason why a new champion user wins is rigging.

Good luck finding ANY reason how league of legends matchmaking rigged a new champion user win besides rigging! Thanks for actually replying. It really made me want to respond to it, but I only saw it months after it was posted, so I decided to forget about it until you brought it up again.

This kind of logic is the heart of this misunderstanding about LoL. In fact most of the top tier players switch to champions they never play, but instantly do good on, because their basics are so polished from playing other champions before. Just like a newbie can pick up a fighting game and learn to use a cheap combo to beat a couple of other noobs, so too can a low elo player in League, get by on a new champion.

Hell, learning to play a small pool is such a good way to fo, most of these low elo players are stuck where they are because they click at this page refuse to stick to a single, or even a few, champions. Winning with a new champion, whether through meta cheese, a strategic pick advantage against a certain team comp, or through sheer dumb luck, is how the majority of these non-tryhards operate and discover that sometimes a certain champion is really good that random circumstance they picked curiously dating site for learning disabilities authoritative into.

Noobs vs Noobs always have more kills per match than a higher elo match. Now you could say that this is more proof towards your Rigged Matchmaking Theory, but the relation between these two ideas is correlation. So to even out the numbers, it has to add all players scores to a team score and make sure league of legends matchmaking rigged the scores are similar enough.

SeriousZ: of course you get But the problem is that I could predict which one I am in before the game even started. If I saw 2 new champion users, it was a sure lfgends. If there is no rigging, just randomness, how can I see the future? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new riggdd via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Souldrinker: laziness. Will fix it. Also it handicaps matches so enemy deal more damage Like Like. This theory is just too half-baked to work. You want to complain about being Shadowbanned, but you deleted my comment… Like Like. Gelvon Thanks for actually replying. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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