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The lobster claw clasp in use today is a fairly new design from the late s, as is the toggle clasp. Signed vintage jewelry research. Butler and Wilson never made any Miracle jewelry. I will attempt to send a phto example…. She purchased B. Shiman Bros. Florenza


This mark expired April of The THL trademark was granted in and is still in use. While the Accessocraft trademark was granted in and was used throughout production on metal jewelry with some variations. The Alice Caviness mark was used from on. Yet the mark was not registered until by the Junquera Sales Co. The Amco jewelry mark was used from on. While documentation is hard to find there is some information on my Amco History page. This mark was used until the company closed in A variation of this hallmark was first used in slight variations were used until The sign post trademark was first used Jan.


Or you found some nice vintage jewelry at a yard or garage sale or background before dating the thrift click. Whether you plan to keep the jewelry as a family heirloom or would like to resell it, a knowledge of vintage jewelry marks will help you to identify and date it properly.

Purity marks for older silver pieces dating monet jewelry marks differ from those commonly seen today. A woman divorce after younger dating numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series. It includes silver marks from many countries and you can access it here: Silver Marks. As a dating monet jewelry marks rule, signatures without a copyright symbol indicate the piece was manufactured prior to There are exceptions, however.

Jewelry companies would often use up their supply of pre-stamped clasps and findings learn more here switching to a new signature, so some pieces made soon after might not have copyright symbols.

A detailed study of vintage jewelry marks could fill multiple books, but to give some guidance we can use the Trifari company as an example. Trifari always signed its jewelry and was very diligent about protecting its designs.

Prior to the change in the copyright law inthe designs were patented. The most commonly seen vintage Trifari pieces have signatures from pre through the s. In the company was bought by Liz Claiborne and production was moved overseas to create mass produced unsigned jewelry. They have an extensive library of jewelry marks located here: Researching Costume Jewelry.

Just scroll down a little and click the letter of the alphabet for the company marks you wish to view. Another way to learn more about vintage jewelry is to read vintage jewelry books. In addition to learning about the history of vintage jewelry or particular designers, they also include wonderful photos, often with the vintage jewelry marks. Future articles will discuss other aspects of dating vintage jewelry.

Vintage jewelry patents provide a wonderful way to research and accurately date older vintage jewelry. If you found this information helpful, or have any questions at all, please click the comment link below this article to add your To share this article, use the share buttons below.

You can also use the Social Media buttons in the right sidebar to visit my pages. I have a few pieces of very ornate with dating monet jewelry marks work and lots of metal. They are very pretty but I cannot find any names or markings. I will attempt to send a phto example…. I cannot send photo on my phone.

Neither my phone nor myself. Thank you Christine for providing this helpful information, along with providing all those hyperlinks. Much appreciated. You are welcome. I did not find this site from Twitter. I have a gold necklace with RNEL marking on both the chain and cross pendant. I have a 14 k gold necklace. On the clasp it has engraved the word butterfly. The clasp is a small hook with a weird looking butterfly.

I have never seen this kind of clasp. Do you have any idea? Thank you, Robin. Any information? I have a piece of rhinestone jewelry that looks to be somewhat expensive. Can anyone tell me what this means? It is costume jewelry, I am sure, but it is nice a shiny with diamond shaped, baguettes, some small round and one larger round rhinestone in the center.

It is a beautiful piece, just wondering what the marks on the back are for. Great info- thanks for sharing! What do you call a tiny tag, or symbol dating monet jewelry marks to the jewelry? My grandma left me tons of jewelry and many pieces have a tiny gold key attached. Nothing matching the piece itself, clearly some kind of logo or signature, but have not been able to find any info or even dating monet jewelry marks out what it is for sure called?

I have a silver and marcasite bracelet from around the s. Any ideas of the origin? The bracelet itself is made of 6 leaf shapes with openwork and highlighted with marcasite. What does that mean, besides Sterling? I have a pearl necklace with a gold flower clasp and inlaid sapphire.

Underneath the letters is something that looks like a rooster or other bird? If anyone can help… Thanks! Good afternoon. I am trying to identify two antique jewelry marks and was hoping to what age should a teenager start dating your assistance.

They are both on rings, the first one the mark resembles -O- with the circle having a dot in the center. It looks like the morse code symbol for the letter K. This is a simple ring with a solitaire clear glass stone. The second ring, the mark is on the outside of the band, it is a simple ring with an amber stone.

The mark looks to have a vine or branch along with the letter O. Any information you may have would be visit web page appreciated. Thank you for your time. Regards, Michele. Inside is not smooth, but looks like tool marks that smoothed it out. It comes with a heavy chain, with each link engraved with a pattern. I have a lovely two tone brooch, a cornucopia with wheat coming out of it. The cornucopia is goldtone and the wheat is silver tone.

The two sections are riveted together. The one mark is a number inside a rectangle I have never come across this before and sites like illusion jewels are of no help as they only use the alpabetical list. Can anyone help? Can anyone give me an idea of where to start? Google only pulls up Jasper the stone. Hello, Christine, this is Sharon. Any information for me at all? Your email address will not be published. Get automatic updates to this blog via e-mail! Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Proudly powered by WordPress. Design by StylishWP. Signatures vs. Marks commonly used in vintage silver jewelry Dating monet jewelry marks marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today. Various signatures for Trifari vintage jewelry from pre through the s. Previous Next. Greatly informative article. Thank you! This is a great and informative post.

Very usefull infos! Hi Christine, very helpful article. Thank you, Misty! Glad you enjoyed the article. Did you find it on Twitter? So glad I ran across ur information! Very useful and I agree so user friendly! Hi Christine, very helpful article on dating vintage jewellery. Thank you for any information you can provide.