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JavaScript is disabled. This is a lightweight bass, short 30" scale and very easy to play. The Eko Ranger series of guitars was incredibly popular in the second half of the s and through the s, selling in very large numbers. As with all Gibson rules, these should not be treated as absolute. Please comment. Sold as shown in pictures. If you want to discuss or add data provided here, please start a thread in the guitar repair section of the forum. Instead of a permanently magnetic magnet, electricity was used to make the magnetic field. This eight page 'worlds fastest playing neck' catalog, printed in two-colors contained six solid body electrics, three solid body basses, two electric acoustic guitars, two electric acoustic basses and five acoustics.


Did you know that the parts inside your vintage electric guitar will likely have manufacturing date codes? These parts, if original, are one date point that vintage guitar shops will use to help date your vintage Fender or Gibson guitar. Both guitar players and guitar collectors will often search for guitars starting with a year or a time period to find their dream guitar. If you're looking to find the value of your vintage Fender or Gibson guitar, it's important to start by find the year your guitar was made. Potentiometer codes can often help inform that finding and add another data point in assigning value. Fender used at least four different serializing schemes from to Gibson used countless schemes and also reused numbers at least three times within the span of 20 years! The best way to assign a year of manufacture to a guitar is to date each part individually then see how the guitar as a whole lines up to established dates. The potentiometers, or variable resistors that are turned to vary the volume or tone, have codes on the back that indicate the week and year they were manufactured. Let's look at the control cavity of this Gibson Melody Maker D.


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This is a brief outline of the various pots and caps and wiring used by Gibson. This is not a complete summary but gibson pot dating a good start for the beginner. IRC used code to begin the sequence of numbers on the pot case. Central Lab used and CTS used codes. The way to ready a pot code is as follows. There are several scenarios. IRC always began with xxxxx yibson CTS always started with xxx or xxxx. Here is an example 8 represents the year and week 28th week.

In second example : 68 represents and 28 the 28th week. Central Lab always begins with xxx or xxxx. Remember datinng that pots can pre-date datjng instrument year but never post date it. It was common to have pots 6 month earlier than an instrument but an exact cut off time is impossible to nail gibson pot dating.

Usually the earlier the instrument the closer the pot dates are to the instrument manufacturing date. As the companies grew they bought more inventory and pots sometimes were mixed or lying around for a period of time before they were used. In the extreme instance of Fender Guitars in to cut costs Fender purchased enough pots to last the company for 5 years and so they are found in interesting asian single dating uk idea from Switches were made by the Switchcraft company and still are to this date.

Most were three way switches but they also had 5 gibson pot dating switches. The caps are a very important part of gibson pot dating harness but i would need several full pages to dive read article them and their variations. I Will list a few common ones but it is by no means a complete list. The earliest Gibson caps were made by Cornell Dublier or cd. They were. The values were the same but the waxed paper grey tiger caps were now replaced by the Sprauge bumble bee it was black plastic shell with multi colored stripes and is probably the most recognized cap in the world for guitars.

There gibwon again a few exception but not many. In the Sprague caps changed again to the black gibsom with two red stripes one on each end and they were used up until around You read more log in or register to reply here.

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