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Posts: 1. If you want, you may take this time to explain to them why keeping your virginity for now or forever is important to you. Seriously though. I agree with Robin, once you start taking off your shirt and bra then you probably will both get turned on and one thing will probably lead to another. Related Articles. Make Believe Offline. Can you convince me?


Because modernization, people are getting more comfortable with their sensuality and sexuality which can lead you to not be a virgin. Is it really worth it? Here is the real reasons why you should keep your virginity;. Being sexually active might actually get you into a lot of disease. This is because sexually transmitted disease are really dangerous. You are not lured into unholy cravings like wanting to harm someone because you have an unquenchable sexual cravings. You start to learn to create boundaries. Because you limit yourself from this choice,you start to find other healthy ways to release stress which can benefit you more in the long term. Making choices in this aspect will make you feel embarassed and people will even make you feel that too. Opening this door will possibly let all the dangers in, making your life an absolute train wreck. If you keep your virginity, you have more time to get knowledge about everything surrounding this topic which can be an advantage for you.


Innearly eighty percent of Christian couples we surveyed at our seminars reported that they had experienced premarital sexlargely with their current spouse. Becky, in our earlier story, admitted that her lifestyle was not pleasing to God.

She also asked Christ to forgive her for sinning. An important part in maintaining virginity or regaining a lost vidginity is by resisting further sexual involvement by sharing truthful consequences of sexual behavior. A Few of the Consequences: Here are some of the reasons why having pre-marital sexual involvement is harmful:. It reinforces our self-centeredness, strengthens our sensual focus and pulls us away from our loving focus on God and others.

It increases our need for greater stimulation in sexual contact, which then increases the potential for conflict in marriage.

Couples who have had pre-marital sex have a greater chance of marital dissatisfaction and divorce. Attempting to change a particular behavior without first understanding why we did it is very difficult.

It would be like telling a chef who made a terrible dinner to simply wwhile cooking so virgknity. Here are some reasons why people have sex before marriage:. You were curious. Your self-esteem was too how to keep your virginity while dating.

When someone has a negative self-image and feels like he has very low worth, the more likely he is to be involved in sexual activity. You were confused about the meaning of love. A number of investigators have revealed that girls, more than boys, report being in love as the main reason for being sexually active.

Puberty arrived at a young age. In one study, early-maturing boys and girls reported more sexual activity than did late bloomers. Here of the best ways to increase your vjrginity is to find value out of a trial.

Blessed is the wile who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to click to see more who love him. Even the smallest movement can site dating greece online free a major impact.

As Dr. Gary Oliver notes in the book, Seven Promises of a Promise Keeperthe key is creating a new sideline—ten yards away from the original line. In other words, leave room for error. For example, if you have had sex, then you need to develop a new purity line. For others it may be no contact, period. Since everyone makes mistakes, having room before you step out of datnig can be the wwhile between losing a few yards and losing the game of virginity. Accountability with a trusted person is one of the most important ways to or regain virginity.

This person could be a family member, friend, coach, counselor or pastor. Or youf might be a group of people who have made a similar more info towards purity. Within an accountability relationship, the important ingredient is virbinity that person ask Amazingly! dating a team magma grunt imgur right! difficult questions.

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