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Be My Baby Chapter 1: Happy Birthday, Riley, a girl meets world fanfic | FanFiction

The youngest sister of Riley and Auggie Matthews. But I'm not that old. I am just super nervous too. Therefore, you called me an oxymoron. Where are you taking her? And I really want you to choose me. Chapter 21 And didn't tell me! I'm Ranger Rick.


As the class was getting up to leave school for the day, Cory called Lucas back. Lucas looked at Maya, Farkle and, especially, Riley in confusion. They shrugged, saying they didn't know why their twelfth grade History teacher would call him back. Like Mr. Feeney, Cory followed his daughter and her friends to high school. Lucas was terrified now. Not that he wasn't already terrified of dating Mr. Matthews's daughter before now. The top vet school? Lucas was still confused about why his teacher made him stay back in the classroom. Was he telling Lucas to break up with Riley? Lucas didn't know if he could do that. If she stays in New York at Columbia, will you stay in New York, or would you try to do long distance? Cory was genuinely concerned for his daughter's relationship.


Aloha, my fellow readers. This story is a coming of age comedy-drama about Riley and Lucas who are two high school seniors in love until complications arise when Riley lucas and riley dating fanfiction out that she's pregnant before graduation. This story will deal with some mature topics like pregnancy, marriage, postpartum depression and alcoholism. This story will have some humor and drama. It's a comedy-drama.

Rated M for some language and sexual content. I do not own Girl Meets World or the characters. So here it is, chapter one of Be My Baby. Today was special day for Riley Amy Matthews. Today is the day that she turns years-old. She hasn't been this excited since her first day of her senior year of high school. Cory wakes up and picks up his watch from off of the nightstand to check to see what time it is.

He sees that it's AM. He couldn't believe that his little girl is turning years-old. Topanga, wake up. Today's the big day. Cory, I'm good with having three kids. We're both years-old and hitting 40, I'm not having a fourth child. It was a Saturday and the time was AM. You were the first one to wake up on this cold morning and you were going to the bathroom. All of a sudden, you started screaming and…. It's almost AM! My baby is turning seventeen.

I remember the day she was born. I remember those grueling, painful hours of being in labor. Me pulling your hair and screaming at you. Right when Cory and Topanga were about to leave the room, a cheery Riley enters the room with a big smile on her face. Do you know what means? I'm 17! You don't want to wake up Auggie and Charlie. I'm just excited because today's my birthday. Are you excited that your big sister is turning 17? Cory and Topanga smile at their daughter as they both step out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen to fix her breakfast.

Riley and Auggie leave the bedroom, Auggie takes Charlie so they can watch cartoons in the living room while Riley enters her room to text Maya. But right before she could text Maya, she began to look at herself in the mirror and began to think to herself. This is the most important day in a young woman's life.

You have a great family, friends that like you, an amazing senior year in high school and a great life. And not to forget, the most handsome and perfect boyfriend in the world that you love so much.

This is the day-". You didn't have to…" Riley said until Maya interrupted her as idea dating culture in netherlands certainly pulled out a rectangular box that was wrapped in princess wrapping paper with a pink bow on it. Riley unwraps the gift, revealing the small rectangular box. Riley opens the box and gasps in awe as she pulls out a silver charm bracelet with the words "Best Friend" inscribed on it.

Maya took a hold of Riley's wrist and put it on her. Thank you, Maya. Maya smiles at Riley and hugs her BFF. When you turn 18 next year, you're going to be legal. You're lucas and riley dating fanfiction legal.

The two teenage girls made their way into living room. The scent of fresh pancakes hit her nose as she walked towards the kitchen and sat down at the table with Maya. So, what's cooking? Three stacks of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. Topanga walks over to the table with a plate of pancakes and set them down on the table along with a side of bacon. Maya word manther dating site understood steals a piece of bacon from off of Dating man during his divorce plate and eats it.

Well, technically she's not old like her parents. You see, mommy and daddy are old people. Cory and Topanga turned to Maya's direction and gave her the death glare. We should be getting less homework, not more. Dad, has Up girl hook how to wants if tinder a on to tell. Feeney ever given you here mom more homework on the week before Christmas break?

So yeah, you're like Feeney. You're Feeney 2. He turned to Topanga and gave her a look. What was that for? Some angry kids from apartment no. Oh, the terrorists! They ran that way. It was a run-by fruiting. We'll get them, Cor. Don't worry.

Are you trying to ruin the surprise? That this web page is so 25 years ago. Oh wait, that was Auggie when he watched it with you when he was seven. You're hitting forty. Later that day, Riley was in the closet picking out something to wear for her birthday while Maya was sitting by the bay window playing with Charlie. Should I wear this dress or I wear this dress?

It's your very special day. No need to get nervous about it. You're getting dolled up for Lucas. Riley, it's not like he's going to give you some birthday sex. Now, my baby sister learned a lucas and riley dating fanfiction word from you. He's such a gentleman. I love him. Honey, you're going to become the last American virgin. It's not like I'm a bad influence on her. And that was the first chapter of Be My Baby? So, what did you think of the first chapter? Did you like it?

Also, did you like the original character that Article source created? She was born on June 15 th The youngest sister of Riley and Auggie Matthews. Next time, it's Riley's surprise birthday party. Before I go, this story will have tons of Rucas moments, Joshaya moments, Smarkle moments and Corpanga moments.

Don't forget to review this story No rude comments, please be nice and I'll see you next time for chapter two. Till next time, my fellow readers. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

A coming of age comedy-drama about Riley and Lucas. Two high school seniors see more love. Riley's life turns upside down when she becomes pregnant.

How will they deal with becoming teen parents?