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I've Hidden My Non-Muslim Boyfriend From My Parents For 2 Years - Galore

It is bettet for you to forget love and make Allah and your Dad happy because you belong to them and you owe them a lot. Without thinking much, one could put such list for Islam: 1 Would you consider a religion who indicates killing all non-believers? Pia, You have left out the most critical information, does he or his family expect you to change your religion? The sex steroids in your blood will metabolized soon. September 4, I feel like I have more pressure than most people in relationships because I have to keep all these things in mind at all times. Dear Shashwat, So you married to a Muslim girl maine usse shade ki? Pray and love Allah and face the consequences.


I love her very much, and she does too as much I do, even possibly more than I do. She almost has been ready to elope away but she is afraid of the religious and society problem. My parents and family members know about relationship and they are totally disagree with it if I am gonna run away. If I do it.. I will stay Unmarried or marry her.. So confused. Return to Home , Blogs , How to Share? Facebook , Youtube , Twitter , Book , Media. Why dont you feel shame that under islamic teachings you were sodomized in childhood by imam in the mosque, is it a civilized socieity,s behaviour. Why did you not lodge complaint against imam. In fact islam is a criminal and cruel mind set and not a religion. You attempt to glorify islamic evils, which have created havoc world wide. Dear vp, you said muslims live in 18th century. Who kills human for an animal cow?


Dec 3, pm By Ashley Uzer. The problem is that Fatima is dating a guy she met in college who has no religious beliefs whatsoever. We talked to Fatima about the realities of dating out of your religion while having a strict Muslim family.

Have your family members talked to you about the type of guy they want you to end up with? This is talked about all the time, especially once you graduate college. Your current boyfriend is not Muslim, does that mean you have to keep him a secret?

This has been one of the major issues and hindj of fights in our relationship. I think this is why it makes it a lot worse for him. How long have you guys been dating? Over two years. And my parents would seriously die if we moved in together.

It would just be horrible, I would never do it. Have you ever dated or hooked up with someone that your parents would approve of? Do you keep most aspects of your life secret from your mom? What about your siblings?

My siblings are cool and on the same page as me. It would kill them if they knew I drank. They gil very oblivious because they both grew up in another country. Does nobody else in your dzting drink? Or do they hide it like you? Drinking is against my religion. Everyone in my family that does drink hides it the same way as I do. Some of your siblings are now married, how did they feel about muslm expectations when they were younger? Most of my siblings dated other people when they were younger and kept it a secret, but all ended up with people my parents approved of because of their religion and everything.

Click to see more you think your current boyfriend would ever consider converting eventually if you guys stay together? The expiration date definitely makes it stressful. I feel like I have more pressure than most people in relationships because I have to keep all these things in mind at all times. Especially as I get older, the idea of religion getting in the way of us being together long term definitely becomes a bigger deal and adds a lot of pressure on our relationship.

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