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You have no idea how much that means to us. Santana tilted her head in confusion. She's only ever had thoughts and fantasies. Rated T for now. I told her that I didn't care about Cheerio's practice. And then. Implied future Faberry. However, when her trip starts off with a personal disaster and she's roomed with a former tormentor, old secrets find a way of slipping out into the open. At least that had been the plan.


While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. The McKinley kids have moved to New York finally after graduating, but the city's got more in store for them than they can bargain for. Multiple ships, some canon breakups, about as much chaos as the show actually was. This summary sucks but I hope the work doesn't. She felt an acute, sudden pain upon realizing that she wanted nothing more than to climb inside Santana's heart and fix whatever damage had been done to it - because, well, someone should. No one, she declared silently, should have to live her life feeling like a cornered animal, snarling and slashing at anything that got too close. A new addition to McKinley High has the whole school buzzing as she somehow infiltrates the Unholy Trinity. But when Isabelle Jar has a secret about her family and her future how long could it take for the rest of the school to find? Or will they?


So this is my first Pezberry story! It's a little bit of an AU but not much. I know I started a Faberry story fznfiction too long ago, but I did that on a different computer and my cousin deleted all my chapters. So I have to rewrite the ten chapters I had written. So until then I'm going to write this story. Lovely Surprises is on hold! So this story… Quinn didn't give Beth up datint Santana and Puck never hooked up, also Santana and Brittany ended their short rachel and santana dating fanfiction because they knew they were better off as best friends.

So the story is about Santana and Rachel in a relationship. Santana has a G! P and she got Rachel pregnant. Now Rachel has just had the baby and Santana, being the protective girlfriend she is, hasn't left her side. Even though they've only been dating for just a little over a year, Rachel and santana dating fanfiction knew that Santana was going to be here every step of the way.

So let's get started! After thirteen hours of labor and lots of screaming, Rachel Berry gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Mario Leroy Lopez-Berry. After nine months of thought Rachel decided she wanted to hyphenate his name so he also had Santana's last name. Learn more here can't believe we're parents.

This is incredible. During the entire birth she couldn't stop the tears running down her face. Santana smiled and felt tears more info to her eyes as well while leaning in and kissing Rachel lightly on the lips.

Just as Santana pulled away Mario started to cry. After reading about thirteen pregnancy books, Santana was a pro at all things baby. Um, can you help me? Breastfeeding was something she was really nervous to try. Here let me take him and you get ready. Santana carefully handed Mario to her and smiled. This was her family now. That is not an appropriate topic to talk about while I'm feeding our son.

That is a private topic to talk about when we are alone. Not to mention that your parents will be here soon to see their grandchild. Santana would never admit it, but Rachel terrified her. She only lived to please Rachel and when Rachel said not to do something, Santana didn't do it. Datung needs her sleep. Trust me. More info want you at school tomorrow until at least lunch. You really think Daying going to leave you here to take care of a baby by yourself?

That's crazy Berry. I think you are rcahel sleepy to understand what you're saying. I want you at school, and I want you to come back here here lunch time.

The doctor said I can leave around 12 tomorrow. Santana knew that there was no room for arguing. I'll be back here around Actually there's a Glee meeting at lunch so I'll be back around School rwchel in three hours and my girlfriend just spent thirteen hours in labor.

I'm going to fall asleep during all my classes. Santana https://howtopwe.xyz/other/waco-tx-dating-sites.php and tried to fall asleep. Schuester called out. Santana's eyes flew open and she realized she had fallen asleep. She went into labor at like three yesterday. She had the baby at like 4 in the morning.

Schuester offered. She needs to get some sleep. Tell her I will. Santana sighed and walked out to her car. Before pulling off she quickly texted Rachel to datinf her she was on the way. Just as she was pulling her sweat pants on Santana walked in. She'll be back soon with him and his birth certificate and the pictures.

She was finding in difficult to speak now with Santana hugging her from behind and leaving small kisses on her neck.

Santana's little kisses were getting longer and Rachel couldn't help but close her eyes and datinv out small moans. They were completely comfortable with PDA around Rachel's fathers after a whole year. Hiram and I decided that when we get home we will let you guys get a little sleep, and daating will take care of Mario. If that's okay. You've got to get some sleep. I mean when you first came home Rachel, your daddy and I didn't sleep for three days. You were a demanding baby.

Also, Santana your parents are at our house cooking a meal for you guys. Hiram and I also finished the speaking, dating website shark tank how completely. Hung up all the clothes and vacuumed so there's no mess. There's a bunch of diapers and clothes and all that other crap there too. Like who gets up in the night and who changes diapers? Plus she needs to go to sleep for Cheerio's practice tomorrow.

I told her that I didn't care about Cheerio's practice. I'm taking the first night shift because she needs to sleep. Both of you need at least twelve hours after the birth.

I mean Santana looks like she's going to pass out any second now and Rachel looks like she's a zombie. I appreciate all that you guys are doing for me even though I was the one who sabtana your little girl link. To anybody else Santana would've been a total bitch, but she respected these men.

It's okay. Mistakes happen. Nothing is going to change the fact that you two had sex. We rachel and santana dating fanfiction see that you two love each other and that you won't hurt our daughter. Plus, we're granddaddies now! You two made a mistake, but you did the right thing. Now you two have a baby that is going to grow up with people that love it. She looked down at Rachel who was basically asleep in her arms. She then guided Rachel to the couch so she could get a few minutes of sleep while she packed up the rest of her stuff.

Half an hour later the nurse walked in holding Mario and a manila folder. Santana stood up along with Rachel's dads. Lopez here is your baby boy and all his papers. Hiram and Leroy took the manila folder while Santana buckled her son up. He has her head shape and from the cry we heard in the delivery room, he has her vocal chords too.

Our little girl has a baby at seventeen. She grew up so fast. Rachel's eyes flew open and she stood up and made her way over to her 18 hour old son. I mean you just have birth to a 7 pound 3 ounce meatball. That would make me emotional too.

He's a baby. Santana walked back into the room and smiled fating her family that were standing around the car seat looking at her baby. As they walked out Santana couldn't help but feel like she was on words.

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