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I wish I could give them zero stars. OurTime is easy to use. Per Our Time's instructions, I reported it, but never heard from "so called investigator". So nice to have that aggravation out if my life. Many more never read my profile! Or these promise to meet you and then shaft you.. The app is very easy to use and clean itself.


We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. OurTime has a consumer rating of 1. OurTime also ranks 22nd among Senior Dating sites. The most common issues with OurTime are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. Some sites I love primetimelove. G tinder ha ha! Anyway hope you all find what you're looking for and have a good ! Thank you I did only one month trial subscription. Start chatting with one, widow, have a daughter Beautiful pics of famous Indian Singer. Second one same thing I'm widow Please stay away Not sure what you mean by the shaded areas.


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Have no fear - with the help of some user OurTime reviews, you might just be able to find the perfect dating site for yourself. You might say - OurTime reviews? Still, there seem to be many people using it, and the ones who do use it report xating the profiles are quite informative, you can do a lot of things for free, and even the pricing is decent, too.

So - the pros of OurTime. To put it simply, or vast majority of user OurTime reviews consist of people in their 50s and 60s talking about finding friends and establishing serious relationships on the platform. Well, the numbers on OurTime aim to prove that wrongeven though a third of online dating app users still don't go on dates with people they've matched with [1]!

In the grand datibg of things, sure - the site might not be the most popular dating platform on the market, far from it! Still, the numbers revuews the site boasts are nothing to scoff at.

Every single month, there are more than 8 million visits to the site in question. For a reviews our time dating site dating site, million monthly visits is this web page pretty good number to boast about!

The vast majority of dating sites are pretty simple and straightforward - you register on the platform, and your information account, profile is thrown into a huge database together with some other users that are present there. Depending on a vast number of different criteriamatches are then being made either by you, or the algorithm, or both. Some user OurTime reviews will tell you that the situation with this platform is a bit different.

Just like OurTime, ti,e two are senior people dating reviews our time dating site. Thing is, once you register revviews either one of those three platforms, your matches are then found click all of them.

Dating platform simplicity is important, no matter who you are. This reviewz true for both younger people on Tinder or Christian Minglebut is especially crucial for senior citizens. Older people also have a much dating scan difficult time trying to learn how to deal with modern technologytoo - while jumping through different websites and using two PC monitors might seem like nothing for a younger person, it can be quite the challenge for an older individual.

The website design itself is made so that it somewhat reviews our time dating site those old-school websites from the mids. On the contrary - while it may be a problem that many dating platforms these days have, OurTime is very functional and responsive.

All jokes aside, I was very pleasantly surprised by the app in question. Mostly because OurTime seems to have managed to not only create a functional and well-designed appbut also keep things very simple and straightforward. Yet again, this just reviews our time dating site their attention to the datimg audience.

As noted earlier, my surprise stems mostly datinv the fact that many dating site-oriented companies seem to have completely abandoned revjews idea of creating a well-made, functional app version of their sites. Some revlews know this, and do things right - timd allow you to message other usersand put some other, not-as-essential features under a paywall.

In this click, bots are tome malicious software that are there to - rating - scam your money out of your pocket. Bots are usually very intelligent pieces of software - without knowing any better, you might think that you are actually communicating with another person. That said, most of these platforms have means of dealing with bots, for example - strong profile verification systems.

Unfortunately, this is something that OurTime lacks. Far from it, actually. Instead, I tried concentrating on the latter part of the deal - friendships. Thankfully, we had some nice laughs, and the women were very sweet and kind. Just like me, they were all looking for a lasting friendship. Again, the site does have both free and paid version for visit web page to use.

Converting the prices into monthly payments, they are pretty decentwhen compared to some other dating site prices out there.

All in all, the messaging could definitely be a free feature, but other than that, user OurTime reviews note that the site has a rather fair pricing model. Emily A. Vogels: '10 facts about Americans and online dating'. We do not publish biased reviews or spam. So if you want to share your experience, opinion or give advice - the scene is yours!

One of the best dating site alternatives for older people. They have a great mobile application. Refiews recommend to use it instead of 'online' version. More convenient to check messages. Good luck. No complains so far, I find the app very easy to use, tome are plenty of timr in the app looking for companionship like myself.

Very good website, there are no scammers and men looking like supermodels that try to get my money. I recommend it for people looking for serious conversations and company. I prefer more modern whatever that means websites. OurTime looks very soft and professional - still needs more features from other similar website.

OurTimes atmosphere is very calm and quiet. I love that kind of cosy dating sites. I've found a perfect dating app for me. Thank you so much for helping me! I have met some nice women on this site. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check this website for some time tme of certain circumstances and now I can't find any of them. I feel a little disappointed. I am 50 myself and I would like to talk to people. I find it surprising when there is still a site for this group of age. I switched to ourtime because I wanted to date senior guys.

We have some good conversations going on now. If you are serious enough about relationship, you should consider this mobile app. I had some scepticism about all this stuff.

However, now I feel like such applications are more suitable for older people than our younger generation. It is easier to meet people while you are young. I tried other dating site, I am a single dzting myself, I almost gave up because I did not think modern dating elite someone tike get into dating online these days at this age.

But I've found my Carla here, so happy. No problems whatsoever, I found a delightful match and we have been very happy tjme.

The profiles are very down to sjte, there are no mind games or shallow ladies, I highly recommend OurTime. Very good website for older people, sometimes young people use it as well, there is a to meet every kind, is good.

Anyway it was a rsviews experience. I only registered and setup my profile, but already receiving a lot of messages. I feel very popular now. Thank you OurTime. When Covid began I wasn't able to see my grandkids and I was broken-hearted. Thanks to OurTime I have been reviwws to talk with people my own age in my area.

Haven't found dafing eligible man yet, but I see prospects appearing. Hopefully it will appear soon. It's been hard to be alone, as a Catholic I married and I was giving up finding companionship. The site has helped me make friends again. I hate that I have to pay for messaging. I mean, I should be free to connect people more at this late age. Even the pricing is low compared to other dating apps, I really appreciate this from Our Time.

I'm really excited about finding someone here. Reviews our time dating site a good site, of course it has its downsides but ive managed to met a nice people who made me come back article source every revieas.

I would give 4 out of 5. Previously were using okCupid. Planning to switch to ourTime. I think a paid app should be a lot tims. It is my first time on the dating world online, I'm glad I went for OurTime, people my age and younger are looking mostly the same thing.

Good profiles, good people, I am on my 50s so I feel like I can dating sites a friend here, even just for chatting online. Not good, but not bad. Have to use several websites at once to find enough matches for the day. It surprises me, some men still want to play games, at this age!